The IFACI Certification issues a seal of approval attesting to quality and performance to Chief Audit Executives, in application of the twenty-five tried and tested requirements of the Standards for the Professional Practice Framework of Internal Auditing (RPAI).

This Framework is based upon international internal auditing standards for the professional practice of Internal Auditing and outlines the prerequisites for certification. These prerequisites reflect the core foundations of our profession and help ensure that a proper system of Internal Audit is practiced according to the rules.         

Since 2005, IFACI Certification has performed over sixty Quality Certification reviews per annum.  These engagements are usually carried out in organisations with state of the art Internal Auditing and risk management departments, endorsing their professionalism in terms of benchmarking, sharing of know-how, professional innovation and continuous improvement to guarantee best practices.

The versatility of the Quality Certification means it is adopted by Internal Auditing Departments of any size and structure.