The approch

IFACI certification fosters a practical approach to standards compliance which caters specifically to the corporate culture, organization and functioning of the concerned Internal Audit and risk management departments. It favours critical thinking over formal rules using tried and tested tools and techniques, respecting balanced deadlines and workloads.

IFACI Certification which respects scrupulously the standards set by certification bodies has a Certification Committee authorized to issue certification.  This Board represents, without any single personal interest prevailing, Internal Audit departments, “Users “of the Internal Audit function and Internal Auditing Experts.

The benefits of Quality Certification

The IFACI Certification comprises a certification audit and annual surveillance audits. It helps Internal Audit Departments to fulfil their obligations in the area of continuous improvement.

IFACI‘s three year audit Certification model:

  • Advances the progress made by Internal Auditing Departments
  • Supports the Internal Auditing Activity in the rapid and efficient implementation of action plans and allows for monitoring of the improvements undertaken
  • It helps to reinforce the vigilance of auditors and anticipate potential shortcomings of the Internal Auditing process
  • It enables Internal Auditing Departments to adopt and integrate the best audit practises
  • It helps to sensitize Internal Auditing Departments to changes occurring inside and outside the organization.
  • It enables Internal Auditing Departments to address the expectations and changing requirements of internal audit stakeholders.