To achieve what?

Demonstrate to stakeholders that the Organization’s risk management and internal control processes are assessed in an extremely rigorous and systematic way.

Assert the ability of the Internal Audit Activity to enlighten management decisions in critical areas and to support innovative projects within the Organization.

Consolidate the status and role of the Internal Audit Activity by providing independent recognition of the Internal Audit function’s added value to the Organization.

Consolidate, optimize and standardize the organization and practices of established Internal Audit Activity or assist the development of recently created Internal Audit Activities.

Mobilize audit teams towards ambitious and stretching project objectives while ensuring the ability of Internal Audit Activities to attract, train and retain the best talents.

Key success factors

The IFACI Certification is first and foremost a practical approach which caters specifically to the corporate culture, organization and functioning of the concerned Internal Audit Activity. It stresses critical thinking over formal rules.

It represents a cost-effective investment in view of the role and responsibilities of the Internal Audit Function and the quality improvements and productivity gains it achieves for its stakeholders.

It helps to ensure the Internal Audit function’s ability to adapt to the realities of complex and changing organizational environments.

The IFACI Certification attests to the excellence of the Internal Audit Activity, its level of compliance with internal standards and its degree of control over key challenges.