IFACI Certification


International Standards for Internal Auditing stipulate that Chief Audit Executives must implement a quality assurance and improvement program on all aspects of the Internal Audit Activity allowing for continuous monitoring of its effectiveness. This program includes both internal and external assessments.

Among the external assessments stipulated by Standard 1312, the Certification which is renewable every three years guarantees the Executive Board and other stakeholders of the Organization long lasting and sustained professionalism of the Internal Auditing Activity.

Since 2005, IFACI Certification has successfully completed more than 400 external assessment missions in public and private organizations, demonstrating cutting edge performance in corporate governance, risk management and internal auditing activity.

IFACI Certification contributes to the advancement of the Internal Audit Activity in France and on an International scale. IFACI Certification SARL, subsidiary of the French certification body IFACI (French Institute of Audit and Internal Control) representing approximately 1100 organizations and 5500 highly demanding professionals,  applies the strict principles of governance and quality control and provides all the requisite guarantees for ensuring that the assessment is independent, impartial and objective.

Officially recognized and promoted by the International Institute of Internal Auditing (IIA) and the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA), IFACI Certification delivers a seal of approval which is highly sought after by management bodies for the assurance it provides on the Internal Audit Activity, a key component of the internal control process of their organization.

To perform its missions, IFACI certification uses a team of auditors highly specialized in Internal Audit, internal control and risk management. In an international context, IFACI Certification provides teams to work with the Internal Audit Institutes concerned.

IFACI Certification values:

Professionalism > The approach reflects our commitment to provide our members with a premium service, focused on the core business of the Internal Audit Activity
Impartiality > Our actions are driven by common interest and our decisions are based on objective findings
Progress > We aim for a pro-active and forward thinking approach to ensure continuous professional progress on a regular basis
Sharing > We are particularly invested in the exchange of best practices and experiences

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