The IFACI Certification issues a seal of approval attesting to quality and performance to Chief Audit Executives, in application of the twenty-five tried and tested requirements of the Standards for the Professional Practice Framework of Internal Auditing

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Maturity Assessment turns the Internal Audit Activity into a driver of accelerated innovation, advocating pioneering concepts and forward-looking practices, whilst heeding expectations for organizational, technological and methodological breakthroughs

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Performance Assessment allows the Internal Audit activity to conduct a research process, to benchmark, adapt and implement fluid and effective practises

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Chose the Internal audit assessment you need

IFACI Certification has developed a differentiated typology of independent assessments in order to meet objectives and investment returns tailored to the needs of Internal Audit Departments:

Receive an IIA Evaluation aligned to the progress path of internal audit

The range of IIA Evaluations allows modulating the progress of Internal Audit according to a time target


Renewal Certification

SAFRAN, VALEO, CGG, CGEDD, AMF, La Mutuelle Générale, MACIF, ADECCO, Thales, Poste Immo, Agence Française de Développement, Conseil Départemental du 93, Orange Polska, Voies Navigables de France, Naval Group, ATOS, Airbus Group…

New Quality Certifications

Strasbourg Ville et Eurométropole, Caisse Régionale de Crédit Agricole (Loire Haute Loire, Normandie, Normandie Seine, Sud Med) Euronext, Groupe VYV, CRCA (Pyrénées Gascogne, Franche Comté, Réunion, Centre Est), CDG Capital, Conforama, Crédit Agricole Immobilier, Société Générale Serbie, Société Générale Tchéquie, Société Générale Slovénie, Eramet, MAIF…

The new IFACI Assessments increase the added value of the Internal Audit Activity

To assist Internal Audit Departments in advancing their practises, IFACI Certification has expanded its range of services to include Assessments focusing on innovation and efficiency.  In place since 2015 these Maturity and Performance Assessments complement the already well established Quality Certification.  They meet the Internal Audit Activity’s need to accelerate their growth and reinforce their role as strategic driver among Executive Management and Audit Committees.

The Maturity Assessment allows the Internal Audit Activity to implement an innovation strategy that heeds corporate, methodological and technological expectations.

The Performance Assessment allows the Internal Audit Activity to conduct a comparative analysis (benchmark) of its efficiency and to enhance it by implementing value added effective practises.

A comprehensive range of Internal Audit Assessments to meet emerging demands and capture new opportunities

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